About Us

We don't make games. We build wonders.

KR Games arose from the strong passion of two Italian guys for 3D application development and information technology within video games and virtual reality.

We were born in 2016, making games for mobile VR, and then expanding to the whole gaming market, releasing products for all platforms.

In KR Games we work hard to achieve the best video gaming experience possible, joining our passion and the latest available technologies, winking to the future of the digital entertainment.


Roberto Comella - Software Engineering

Roberto Comella

Software Engineering

He specialized in video games programming at the University of California, LA, and has deep knowledge of 3D engines like Unity and Unreal. Besides, he has strong passion for sports and natural sciences.

Luca Maglione - Animation/Modeling

Luca Maglione


Just out of college, he got recently involved into the squad thanks to his ability in producing realistic models and very smooth animations. Does the team need a 3D prototype? Luca can easily build it.

Silvio Comella - Commercial Direction

Silvio Comella

Commercial Direction

With many years of expertise in business planning and project management, Silvio shares his time between coordinating all the team mechanics and enjoying the weekends riding his faithful motorcycle.